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Oh hell no!" Alice strides closer conjuring a knife and putting it to the vagrant's throat. "not now not ever. Leave now, and i won't bleed you out for the rats to feast on you."

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Silver whimpered loudly in fear by the one who hurt her, when she didn’t hear any yelling or pain from the person she slowly looked up then gasped and smiled seeing her mate rescuing her.

The person growled “Fuck off whore!” he grabbed her sides and flung her off him then quickly pulled a gun out and aimed it at Silver’s forehead when she was getting up snarling “Now what are you going to do bitch?”







”k ”he go’s down and starts making waffles out of scratch .

She stretched before getting out of bed and getting dressed

he puts the waffles on the table ”well im done ”

She rubbed her eye as she walked downstairs Mmm~ What’s that smell?

i was eating .

She walked over to him then quickly looked around to see if there was any food for her

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